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“Your brisket was a big success!  My family appreciated the great taste and I appreciated the convenience.”

~ Jane, Austin, TX



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“Your brisket was a colossal hit at our house.  It was moist, very tender, and succulent.  We couldn’t get enough.  I’ll probably never cook one again with yours at hand.  I’ll shout it from a mountain top-it’s great!...the best ever.” ~ Moreen, Dallas, TX


"After [reheating the Brisket], I sampled a bite and gave my son Michael a bite as well. He literally dropped to his knees and said a prayer of thanks for it! We regularly give thanks for the food before meals. However I've never heard a prayer of thanks for how the food tastes!!" Thanks! ~ Pete, Wisconsin


“This is I think the 3rd time we've ordered BBQ from you. Your ribs are just the best ribs we've eaten, know no other way to say it. They really have a lot of good lean meat and the taste is outstanding. The brisket is a different story - it is out of this world. We've had good brisket before but your brisket is far better than any we've ever eaten. All your products are very easy to reheat and are excellent ! ! ! ! !  Thanks a BUNCH !!! Looking forward to more,
Jeff, Lawrenceburg, TN


“Your brisket was a big success!  My family appreciated the great taste and I appreciated the convenience.”  ~ Jane, Austin, TX


“Eddie, I think they’re still oooooooohing and aaaaaaaahing in Arkansas over your brisket.  It was one of the best we’ve ever had!  You are a master, my friend.  We appreciate you no end! ”  ~ Bill, Little Rock, AR


“We wanted to thank you so very much; your brisket was the talk of our football party.”~Marci, Lakewood, Co


“Thank you so much. Everything arrived yesterday nice and frozen.  Looks Yummy.  Sharing the taste of Texas helps me feel a little closer to Scott.” ~ Janet, Bethlehem, PA


“The brisket was so perfect!  …You know, the Lord has given you such a wonderful ministry.” ~ Belinda, Austin, TX


“Boy howdy…what a great dinner.  Dick was right, it was by far the finest tasting brisket we’ve ever tasted.  Thank you for such a unique and “tasteful” gift!” ~ Tom, New York


“Here are some reactions from various family members as they tried your brisket.  I didn’t really tell them first just HOW good it is.  I wanted to just see their reaction on their own.

“Wow! That is really good!”
“Wow! That’s incredible.  I’ve never tasted brisket that flavorful!!!”
“Man, that is really good brisket.  You mean you had this in the fridge, but we ate turkey for lunch? We should have eaten this!”

People spontaneously said “wow” over and over again.  Most of them were truly shocked because they had never really tasted brisket anywhere near as good as yours.  So it’s almost a shock when someone tastes it for the first time and discovers it’s “not your same ole everyday brisket.” ~ Kevin, Austin, TX


The brisket was great.  I don’t know if Bryan told you anything about me but I was a Sous Chef with the Four Seasons and Fairmont Hotels for years before I started teaching..  There were several great perks that went along with the job.  The brisket was reminiscent of the hotel days when vendors sent us amazing products to try.  I am sold.” ~ Tracy, Seattle, WA


I was truly impressed with your award-winning brisket! I guess that should not have been surprising after tasting your baby back ribs a year or so ago.  Very lean brisket, excellent flavor rub...... NO BBQ sauce on mine....."au natural" for me!  I love mesquite flavor! In fact, I had some leftovers this p.m. and was just wonderful.  The whole family bragged on your talents during our Easter meal and wanted me to pass on their compliments to you.  In addition, [the brisket was] very nicely packaged in the vacuum pack , excellent sturdy white packing box with the white butcher paper, gold "thank you" sticker, and the heating & slicing instructions.  You REALLY have thought of everything! Thanks for making our Easter meal on Saturday very enjoyable and simple for the "chefs" at home.  No wonder you've been recruited by groups for food "catering", you're a stickler for details and are very conscientious about the quality of your work for the Lord!” ~ Rob, Austin, TX

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